Photonic Sensors for Pollution Monitoring

An EU Horizon 2020 Innovation Action

PASSEPARTOUT is a research project aiming to develop compact, photonic-based gas analysers for a smart sensing solution to environmental pollution monitoring in urban areas. It combines expertise on lasers, spectroscopy, data analysis, systems integration, environmental testing and drone operations in a Europe-wide consortium involving both academia and industry.

PASSEPARTOUT aims to deliver real time pollution monitoring, with high spatial resolution and public alerts

PASSEPARTOUT will be the first 3D mobile optical gas analyser network capable of operating in an urban area

3-Level Sensor System

Deployed in:

Multi-Format Gas Analysers

Community Alerts

Basic Principles of PASSEPARTOUT

• Non-destructive

• Non-invasive

• No consumable component

• The energy absorbed by the sample is proportional to the intensity of the incident light

• If the incident light is modulated, this causes localised transient heating, which in turn generates acoustic (sound) waves

• The signal is directly proportional to the analyte concentration, and baseline free

• The localised transient heating is directly measured through the change in refractive index of the air

• The interferometer phase change is directly proportional to the trace gas/black carbon concentration and its absorption coefficient

• A different laser is used for each compound 


PASSEPARTOUT is a collaborative project involving a consortium of 18 partners from across Europe. See the full list here.










City Authority

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